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ADVISOR and DEVELOPER — Remote Volunteer

Volunteer Recruitment

ZAKKI is a social startup focusing on creating an inclusive community for the elderly and people with disabilities. Our mission is to facilitate alms and donations collection and distribution to help the elderly and people with disabilities who work in the informal sector to get better livelihood through micro-business management, giving them greater market exposure.

Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be found on https://www.zakki.org.
We are still redesigning ZAKKI fully function product. We are expecting to develop the ZAKKI fully function product in the upcoming years.

Currently, ZAKKI is developing a ramification project; reporting platforms of sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape), human trafficking, and bullying, SaveMe. And we also have an on-going anti-corruption and a lost-found project named Naon. MAHA EduGame of anti-discrimination and anti-violence for toddlers to pre-teens. We also have a funeral service project named Agni. The volunteer networking and community learning hub, named Rekan. The Kimar (ZAKKI on the spot marketplace) intended to cater to the beneficiaries (the elderly and people with disability) micro-business market exposure. And last but not least, ZAKKI — #ForYou — crowd sharing giveaways stuff (goods, pet, food donation) to other people for free.

ZAKKI provides equal volunteering opportunity for everyone regardless of age, sex/gender, color, race, creed, nationality/origin, marital status, sexual orientation, political belief, or disability that does not prohibit essential performance job functions. All matters relating to volunteering are based upon one’s ability to perform the job, as well as one’s dedication to ZAKKI’s Mission and needs.

We are recruiting VOLUNTEER as either DEVELOPER ADVISOR and or PROGRAMMER itself.

The DEVELOPER ADVISOR only required to give advice to the UIUX DESIGNER team concerning the feasibility a feature can be developed. We are not expecting the DEVELOPER ADVISOR to do coding (programming). While for the PROGRAMMER, the volunteer require contributing to the development of the product, means to do coding (programming) the product.

The product development will be in PWA Responsive Website Apps and or Mobile App (Hybrid Framework)

General Requirement:
• Keen, enjoy, and excited to contribute for social caused and social change.
• Thinker and Do-er person
• Abundance with idea and initiative working as a team
• Active, helpful and collaborative person (not passive person)
• Good time-management skills
• Communicative (good communication skills to collaborate with various stakeholders)
• Proficiency in English
• Have competency to do their chosen role/position
• Open web standards technologies, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including jQuery, Vue JS and other libraries,
• Able to use versioning control system such as GIT, GitLab, SVN

Specific Requirement:
Knowledge of one or more of these skills below:

• Server-side application development in PHP using frameworks such as Laravel
• Linux system administration, web server configuration, SQL database (Oracle or MySQL or PostgreSQL), No SQL (Mongo DB) and other common web stack technologies

• Java Programming
• Hybrid programming for Mobile such as Flutter, Ionic, React Native.

• OpenGL, Unity 3D, WebGL, and languages such as C, C++, and Java, JavaScript, HTML5, Swift
• Have competencies and interest in making games (2D/3D) with levelling system, Building Android app, understand iOS is a plus

Interested applicant required to fill up this Google Form.

select : Developer (Front End/Back End/DevOps) and/or Developer Advisor — Remote Volunteer

Please submit the Google Form with your CV/resume and portfolio URL link (Github/Gitlab).

After the submission, you still able to edit your submitted respond in case you need to update your supporting documents (i.e CV/Resume)

For any further queries related to the volunteering vacancy, feel free to reach us out at hr@zakki.org.



Zakki Foundation

ZAKKI is a social startup focusing on creating an inclusive community for the elderly and people with disabilities.